Your husband has more than just sexual needs. But, unfortunately, not every man will tell you about them out loud. But we will also say the male part of our editorial staff

1. Show him how you feel.

He may not admit it, but he likes it when you show that you love him. When you take by the hand, you hug, you kiss. Especially on the street. Yes, and at home – when you initiate sex when you just ruffle his hair. It makes him feel loved and desired.

2. Patience and understanding.

He will not always do everything right in life and in relationships. And in times like these, he hopes that you will remain patient and understanding. He hopes you remember that he is only human, that he learns and makes mistakes. He wants you to be on his side, not against him. He tries.

3. Show that you appreciate him and thank him.

If you are lucky, then you are with a man who is trying for you and your relationship. And he wants to know that you appreciate these efforts. He wants to hear your words about it, to hear your gratitude. This is all he needs – your smile, your “Thank you”, your “I appreciate it”, and not discontent and criticism. And then he will try even harder.

4. Acceptance.

He hopes that you will accept him for who he is. He knows that he has flaws, that he is not perfect. But he hopes that you will be able to love him this way and will not try to change him. And then he will try to become better for you.

5. Less drama.

Men hate drama. No one will marry a woman who will only make his life worse. A man wants to find stability, and reliability in you. And the drama only shakes the boat of relationships.

6. Respect.

No relationship can be strong and healthy unless it is built on a foundation of mutual respect. It is simply necessary for a man that you respect him as a person. Watch your speech and behavior so as not to humiliate or belittle him most slightly, otherwise it will touch him to the core.

7. Freedom.

Just because you’re together doesn’t mean you have to forget about yourself and your individuality. A man needs his freedom. Sometimes he may ask for personal space. And hope you respect that.

8. Trust.

You don’t have to look over his shoulder when he texts someone, call a hundred times a day to check where he is and with whom. He wants you to trust him: both in terms of loyalty to you and in terms of making the right decisions.

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