Folk wisdom: if you want to get something from a man, tell him about it directly, he will never guess. Did he say no? Move on to plan B. Use the big guns – absolutely all men lose their heads from these six female tricks. And now you can do whatever you want with them!

Naked flattery, and more!

Not only do women love with their ears – the stronger sex is much more greedy for compliments and praises!

If you want to get something from a man, praise him, and more! Don’t see a reason? And you try to find it where it is not. For example, if instead of fixing the tap, he made a flood in the house, praise that now you don’t have to wash the floor … And water – it can be collected by joint efforts.
But seriously, you can and should praise not for actions, but just like that. Tell your loved one that he has a masculine profile or that he is a great kisser. Firstly, it will raise self-esteem, and secondly, from now on, he will try even more to match your opinion. And not just kissing…

Use active listening

When a man tells you the story of his favorite football team, the details of the pilot’s passage of the Paris-Dakar route, or the device of the carburetor, do you feel sleepy? Set aside! Open your eyes wide, put your hand under your cheek and gasp every 5 minutes: “God, how interesting!”
The main thing is that whatever he reveals to you, do not judge. Let him know – even if the whole world is against him, you will still admire him. The opportunity to tell everything to your woman without fear that you will be interrupted in mid-sentence or condemned is priceless.

Darling, scratch behind your ear

Men are somewhat like cats. How? Well, at least love scratching around the neck and neck. While watching a movie, casually start scratching his head. Such an innocent caress will help to relax and strengthen your bonds.

And, by the way, you will also provoke the production of the happiness hormone oxytocin in him. And he will feel loved and desired more than ever.

This man is mine!

Men often pretend that they are embarrassed by the public display of feelings. But in fact, these innocent gestures on our part make their hearts flutter with delight.

After all, kissing him in front of everyone showing that this man belongs to you, and you are proud of it.

Just a couple of public kisses and his ego will get a huge boost of confidence.

Don’t forget to write to him.

At some point, your relationship will inevitably move to the level where you can easily write that you are in a rush at work, and not remember your lover until the evening. And he’s embarrassed. What does it turn out, work is more expensive for you than he?

Do you think that only women tend to doubt the feelings of a partner? Write SMS. This is a matter of seconds. And your chosen one, knowing that you are busy, but still taking the time to tell him about your feelings or just to find out how his dinner went, will appreciate it.

Lay your head on his shoulder

A woman who puts her head on her man’s chest evokes a storm of emotions in him and makes him feel strong. For him, this gesture means that next to him you feel safe. What makes you feel good and comfortable.

This gesture will help him feel responsible for your peace. And then, believe me, he will move mountains, just to keep this feeling in himself … and your peace, of course.

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