10 simple habits that make us more attractive

Contrary to popular belief, seduction is based on psychology, not beauty. And to attract attention, hold attention or even evoke some emotions, you don’t need to be elected at all, it’s enough to be able to use your inner potential.

Editorial Interesting to know has collected 10 simple rules that will make you look more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

1. Sense of humor

People with a good sense of humor are considered more sociable and intelligent. They easily predispose themselves and in their society, even the most reserved and unsociable heroes of everyday life feel comfortable. To develop your sense of humor.


2. The halo effect

Most people have one feature: they draw conclusions about the character and intelligence of a stranger just based on his appearance. This is called the halo effect in social psychology. That is why it is so important to always be neat, to have a couple of branded items in your wardrobe, at least one watch, and expensive shoes.

3. Smile

Smiling is a simple and understandable way to let the interlocutor know that you are interested in him. Although there is a special type of people for whom, on the contrary, a serious appearance with a rare restrained smile is attractive. So before you try to hit someone this way, make sure you’re dealing with someone willing to appreciate your efforts.

4. George Clooney effect

The main surprise of the modern Western (and our) world is that men have ceased to consider it shameful that their chosen ones can be smarter or more educated than themselves. Anthropologist Helen Fisher jokingly called this trend the “George Clooney Effect,” and so the name stuck. In a word, do not be afraid to be not so smart and not so omniscient. Ask questions, find out, show genuine interest, and you’ll get a lot more sympathy than you think.

5. For men – bristles, for women – manicure

It’s not about trends, but about the fact that a man with stubble seems more masculine, serious, and formidable. And a woman with a neat manicure and without a drop of makeup will look much more feminine than with perfect arrows, but unkempt hands.

6. Surround yourself with friends

In an episode of Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson talks about the “cheerleader effect.” Without going into details, the essence of the effect is that in the circle of friends we look more attractive, and, by the way, behave much more confidently.

7. Smell

Nothing brings back more memories than a familiar scent. This is a long-recognized truth. Smelling good is already attracting attention. So taking a shower before going out, wearing a good perfume, and using hand cream is not a bad idea, you see.

8. Disadvantages

Moles, small scars, and even myopia can play into your hands. These shortcomings, with which we are so persistently fighting, are our business cards, something that can hook the interlocutor and be remembered. So don’t be ashamed of your imperfection, it makes you unique.

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9. Book

A well-read person always arouses interest: you can learn a lot from him, learn a lot. And what if not a book in paper form gives the first signal that you belong to the category of the well-read. The only thing that is required of you is to seriously read it, and not wear it as an accessory.

10. Generosity

Generous people seem more attractive, good-natured, sympathetic, and responsible. Note that artists, actors, and businessmen who contribute to charitable foundations are much more sympathetic than those who live within the confines of the wealthy world. Know how to do something, not for your benefit.

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