10 Things to Consider Before Buying Health Insurance

There are plenty of companies offering Health Insurance Policies in India. Choosing one can be an intimidating job, along with the many plans available, and jargon that is shrewdly used in what is referred to as policy words can confuse. When it comes to purchasing health insurance, it’s an overwhelming decision. There are a few aspects to take into consideration when selecting a plan. Here are 10 factors to take into consideration before purchasing health insurance:

Claim Process

The more straightforward the claim process and the quicker the settlement process are more beneficial for the insured person. So, these two aspects are the most important aspects when it comes to deciding on the right insurance policy. Excellent customer support is another advantage that you should seek out.

Family Health Insurance

When buying health insurance, be sure to purchase while keeping the members of your family and their age in your mind. Before you purchase the insurance, think about their current ailments, if any, and your family’s medical background. Additionally, you should ensure that your family members are checked to determine if they have any existing illnesses before purchasing a policy.

Selecting the appropriate amount of insurance

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When choosing the health insurance plan, it is vital to select the amount with care because it will cover medical expenses for the year. Be aware of your age, and the older you are, the less the amount of insurance you require. It is also essential to consider their family’s income to assess the cost of insurance. Another important aspect to consider is additions that affect the premium amount. Be sure to select an amount that won’t be inadequate in an emergency and that the premium isn’t expensive.

Network hospitals

It is recommended to check the CASHLESS NETWORK OF HOSPITALS and the insurer. In an emergency medical situation or hospitalization, hospitals that are part of the network provide cash-free payment, and the insurer settles medical expenses directly with the insurance company. Choose insurers with an extensive network of hospitals, such as HDFC ERGO, which has over 5500 hospitals.

Benefits of motherhood

With medical costs rising, pregnancy expenses have also increased. Women need to purchase an insurance plan for health with pregnancy benefits. To receive maternity benefits, one must look into the waiting time to claim maternity expenses and look into the sub-limit. The policy must also cover outpatient costs and look for exclusions with the guidelines.


Before going to the hospital, you visit the doctor, receive medication, and are tested. After hospitalization, you are admitted to the hospital. For treatment, some expenses occur. The costs include follow-up with your doctor, medications are taken, and any other costs. Select an insurance plan that consists of these elements too.

Lifetime Renewal

Find health insurance policies that allow for lifetime renewal. There is a greater chance of being afflicted by ailments and diseases when you’re older than when you’re young. A health insurance policy that offers the possibility of renewal over time is the one you need to buy.

Free Medical Check-up

It is recommended to consider a policy that covers free medical examination. But, this doesn’t alter the policy price when they renew.

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