7 Bad signs that it’s lust, not love

In the initial stages of a relationship, when we lust for a partner and go crazy with passion, attraction can easily be mistaken for love. Let’s try to figure out what the difference is.

According to research, there is still a difference between lust and love, and here are seven fairly simple and obvious signs for you to note that you are only attracted to him and are unlikely to be serious.

1. You turn a blind eye to disagreements.

A lot of people like to say that opposites attract, but when it comes to core values, it’s good for a strong relationship to have partners agree on core issues.

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2. You don’t see any flaws in him.

Everything he says or does seems beautiful and perfect to you, and you cannot even imagine that he can do something that you will not like. Especially when others tell you otherwise.

3. You don’t know him very well.

Well, of course, you are well aware of how great it is to have sex with him, and how attractive he looks without clothes. But it looks like you don’t even know what his favorite food is and what kind of clothes he prefers.

4. You don’t tell him about yourself.

You not only know little about him, but you are in no hurry to share the secret. On the one hand, you want him to consider you the most desirable woman, but on the other hand, you have no desire to tell him how your day went.

5. You never talk about the future.

What else is the future? Everything you need is already here and now, enjoy! In general, in the heat of passion, you don’t even consider that you can have something more with this man.

6. You agree with him on everything

Because of such lust, you are not going to argue with him and are ready to agree with anything, as long as he is always in a good mood and quickly takes you to the bedroom.

7. Nothing but sex

And the truth is: if you are only interested in intimacy, you don’t talk about serious topics and don’t discuss the latest news, what else are you supposed to do?

So, a summary: if you realize that you are not at all interested in getting to know him as well as possible outside the bedroom, it is likely that he is only your passing infatuation.

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