what your sleeping position says about your relationship

Ten positions of a couple at the time of falling asleep will tell the truth about your relationship with your loved one. This test was compiled according to the observations of the famous psychoanalyst Samuel Dunkel and guarantees you one hundred percent accuracy of the result! TEST: sleeping postures of lovers with an accuracy of 100 percent will translate into an accessible language a real dialogue of bodies, explaining a lot about the behavior of a partner.

It is at the moment of sleep that consciousness is disconnected from everything contrived, and a person shows the truth of his intentions. Even if everything is still fine between a man and a woman during wakefulness, during sleep, the partner’s body can give a subtle signal and betray the truth of his intentions with his head.

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Online fortune-telling for love by poses in a dream suggests that the most alarming “bell” will ring if one of the lovers is increasingly moving to the edge of the bed. You should also sound the alarm if one of the partners abruptly changes his usual position for no apparent reason. An analysis of the positions in which a man and a woman sleep in the same bed will help you get to know your partner better and take adequate measures in time to save love. Intertwining the bodies of lovers during sleep is the best clue to unraveling the needs and desires of your beloved.

Psychologists call this position of the body during sleep the “key” to harmony and happiness between lovers. A hug from behind speaks of the partner’s desire to gently dominate his “half“, to patronize and take care of his or her comfort.

If a man hugs a woman during sleep, this speaks of his desire to give her protection and support, and if a woman, then this speaks in favor of her readiness to always support her beloved in everything.

It is this position that gives the maximum balance of male and female energy to a couple in love.

These lovers have different characters and different outlooks on life, which does not prevent them from sharing a bed and sincerely loving each other.

Interestingly, the temperaments of this man and his woman are different and one of the couples may compromise to preserve the relationship.

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Sleepers have many points of contact, but everyone prefers their style of behavior. Only true love and tolerance for the behavior of a life partner can keep this union together for many years.

Most often, this is how couples sleep, who have lived happily ever after for more than one year in love and harmony. Living together in this case indicates the willingness of partners to compromise to maintain relations.

Lovers feel affection for each other, but are ready to give a certain freedom to a partner to show their trust and respect for his way of life.

The Zen-style position allows you to maintain physical contact during sleep, but at the same time, neither partner holds the other back.

In this position, people sleep, one of whom has already decided to break off relations, but so far does not say anything frankly.

If a woman clings to a man with her hands and feet in a dream, this means that she wants to keep her partner.

Such obsession can give the exact opposite result: the relationship between lovers will deteriorate, and the sexual relationship will gradually come to naught.

In this position, lovers sleep, whose relationship has not yet stabilized, emotions take precedence over reason. Relations are either just developing, or have been restored after a long break.

If a man hugs when he sleeps, then he shows his willingness to give love twenty-four hours a day, but a woman’s hugs demonstrate her sexual emancipation and intimate openness.

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The pose speaks in favor of a surge of feelings and some aggressiveness of sexual desire, which so far forms the basis of the relationship between lovers.

An alarming sign that says that a conflict of interest has arisen in a couple or one of the lovers harbored anger or resentment towards a partner. This posture is an occasion for a confidential, but the serious conversation in a quiet, calm environment.

Otherwise, the relationship in a couple may collapse soon.

The only valid reason for sleeping in the Rock Climber position is excessively hot weather outside or someone in a couple snoring.

Active sex life for these lovers goes hand in hand with friendship and the opportunity to conduct a joint business.

This couple can become a real alliance in any business, even though everyone has their point of view on current events.

Partners are ready to respect and accept each other with all the advantages and disadvantages, without trying to remake a loved one “for themselves”.

This is how lovers sleep, who not only have similar characters but often even outwardly can resemble a brother and sister. If a man in a dream holds your hand, this indicates his desire to be equal with you in everything.

The “Safety” pose speaks of trust between partners, as well as the ability to have a smooth dialogue on any topic.

Such a couple can consolidate into a very strong union, in which, in addition to harmony in sex, there is also a powerful spiritual connection.

This position of the bodies during sleep is typical for people, a spark of love between which flashed spontaneously. Most likely, each of them has his own separate life from his partner, friends, and the opportunity to attend holidays.

An outstretched hand speaks of a readiness to be near, to protect, or patronize, infinitely trusting your lover.


If not so long ago there was a quarrel or conflict between partners, then the “At arm’s length” pose speaks in favor of reconciliation and readiness to forgive everything.

A frank demonstration of the ardor of feelings and the freshness of sexual desire. This couple wants to swim in the sea of ​​love every day and give their partner pleasure.

Experts in bioenergetics see in this position an opportunity for an even exchange of energies between a man and a woman, which guarantees a good mood and sexual satisfaction for the couple.

The “Honeymoon” pose contributes to the harmonization of even those relationships that have cracked not so long ago, as it restores the correct rhythm of breathing and activity of lovers.

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