20 Gross Things All Women Do But Will Never Admit The! Number 20 Is the Gross

Yes, yes, all women have little secrets that most men do not know about. They believe that only they tend to scatter socks and wash dishes when there is no clean one left. But in fact, many women behave no better. Opening the veil of secrecy! Women, do you recognize yourself? So we never admit that

1. We don’t remember the last time we washed our favorite “everyday” bra.


2. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, we should change personal care products every 4-6 hours. But we don’t change.

3. Toilet paper can save us if there are no tampons on hand, and “those things” started at the wrong time. What else would you like to do?

4. When it’s cold outside, we stop shaving our legs. Only if we wear short skirts or dresses.

5. Yes, yes, we all pick our noses.

And we pick out the dirt from under the nails. With your own nails.

7. By the way, there is nothing worse than sneezing during your period.

8. We can walk around with a dirty head for weeks. Thank you hats and dry shampoo!

9. Sometimes we don’t wash after a gym, run, or bike ride even if the scalp is wet and itchy.

10. If we are talking about sports, such an outfit is a common thing. Did you think that ladies train exclusively in sexy leggings and T-shirts?

11. We really like to peel off the skin after we have been burned.

12. To be honest, we don’t remember the last time we washed our makeup brushes.

By the way, we always have mascara, blush, or lipstick in our cosmetic bags, whose expiration date has long expired (and we don’t even use it). Ask why? Well, it might come in handy.

13. Instead of just removing the polish with a product, we gnaw and chip it off. Well, sometimes.

14. The rumors are true: we really sniff our clothes, and then decide whether to wear them again or it’s time for her to wash. You can usually wear it a couple more times.

15. We take mascara clumps off our lashes for hours. And yes, sometimes we sleep with makeup on our faces.

16. If something from food falls on our neckline, then we “catch” it. We eat sometimes.

17. We have mustaches. And we pluck them (sometimes we shave or remove them with wax).

18. We squeeze out blackheads and pimples.

19. Sometimes we spray deodorant right on our T-shirts when we’re sweating a lot. Or we put on a jacket on top, if there are no options left.

20. And yes, we can throw our clothes all over the room (including socks)

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